Profitable Chart Pattern

Profitable Chart Pattern

4 Profitable Chart Patterns For Swing Traders

Here are four profitable chart patterns that you can use the next time you are looking for entries into individual stocks. Wait! There is no holy grail. These patterns can and will fail. You must manage your money correctly!

The four chart patterns are:
Ghost Town
Swing Trap (my personal favorite)
Side Trap
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This is the one chart pattern that I trade the most often. If you are new to trading stocks, then start with this pattern! It is easy to identify, easy to learn, and easy to trade. What more could you ask for?

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Ghost Town chart pattern

Some potentially explosive moves can result from trading this pattern. The best thing about this pattern is that you can usually get a low risk entry.

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Swing Trap chart pattern

What happens when swing traders and momentum traders get trapped in a stock and have to take a loss? The stock rallies!

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Side Trap chart pattern

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